Luscious Little Somethings Night Nappies

Kingdom of Fluff is delighted to be stocking Luscious Little Nappies :)

The Luscious Little Nappies by Luscious Little Somethings are stunning cloth nappies available in a range of fabrics, dye techniques and printed patterns.  Now in stock at Kingdom of Fluff in the following options:

Heavy and Super Wetter Night Nappies

Regular and Heavy Wetter Day Nappies

The nappies are Made by Amber and Beth Sutherland using hand-dyed and 100% cotton print fabrics to Amber’s exclusive LLS nappy design

LLS Night Nappies are fitted nappies which have 2 core inserts with 6 layers, a core layer, booster layer and outer layer.  The inserts are made of 6 layers of fabric for night nappies and 3 layered, contoured snap-in or lay-in insert for day nappies.

The small and medium night nappies come in the same form as the day nappy except with the extra layers and absorbency of a night nappy.  

Size Guide:







8-16 lbs approx





15-25 lbs approx





20-35 lbs approx




Extra Large

35 lbs + approx




* For waist settings in more detail:

  • Medium Waist - 14″ unstretched, 18″ stretched on tightest snaps, and 20″ unstretched, 24″ stretched on loosest snaps.
  • Large Waist - 16″ unstretched, 20″ stretched on tightest snaps, and 22″ unstretched, 26″ stretched on loosest snaps.

The Fabrics:

Our LLS night nappies are made with Bamboo Heavy Fleece, Zorb II and Organic Bamboo Velour fabrics.

Heavy Wetter Night Nappies have 2x insert shaped cores (bamboo heavy fleece and zorb II), plus 2x snap-in tri-layered inserts (bamboo fleece and bamboo heavy fleece).

Super Wetter Night Nappies come with an extra booster insert, topped with bamboo velour. They are packed to the limit with bamboo heavy fleece and zorb.

Please note:

The weight ranges given above are approximate.  If you are unsure of the size required, we would advise measuring your baby\'s rise, waist and thigh (for information on how to do this, please see here) rather than relying on the weight guide alone.

These are fitted nappies which do not have a waterproof layer, and although they will be absorbent enough for some babies to use without, we would recommend the use of a separate waterproof nappy wrap.



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