Blueberry Mattress Pad: Avocados

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This versatile pad is made with three layers - a top layer of cuddly soft print flannel keeps baby's skin dry, an absorbent microfibre terry core, and a quiet, waterproof polyester knit backing. Stain resistant. Fits perfectly in a co-sleeper or portable play area. Use as a throw blanket for floor time indoors or outdoors.

Other uses:

  • to protect baby's bed from wetness
  • use in the family bed to protect the mattress
  • under mum when breastfeeding
  • as a baby massage mat

Measures 28" x 34".

Fabric content:
Flannel top layer: 100% polyester
Absorbent layer: 80% cotton / 20% polyester
Waterproof later: 100% polyester

Made in the USA

Machine wash & tumble dry warm or hot (up to 140F/60C). No bleach or fabric softeners.