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Buy Additional PeeNut Inserts

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Small Single Pad   £1.50  
Day to Night Pack   £7.99  

Additional inserts for use with the Tots Bots PeeNut All-in-two nappy system.

Buy the PeeNut pads singularly in your preferred size:

  • Size Small: use the small insert on it's own in the size 1 wrap for smaller or light wetting babies, adding extra inserts as required for additional absorbency.  Or add to the Medium/Large insert for use in the size 2 wrap.
  • Size Medium/Large: use the larger insert on it's own in the size 2 wrap, or add extra inserts for additional absorbency or overnight.

Or buy the Day to Night Pack which has one Small and one Medium/Large insert.

PeeNut wraps are sold separately here.